Andy Thomas

Flight Sergeant, MCPara

Royal Air Force & James Cook University Hospital


'Hypovolaemic Traumatic Cardiorespiratory Arrest: Hands off and address the issues'


Andy Thomas is a Royal Air Force (RAF) Paramedic currently working as academic research fellow for defence at James Cook University hospital.


He joined the RAF in Oct 1998 and has been serving for 16 years.  He has been posted to RAF Lyneham, Sealand, Valley and Overseas to RAF Akrotiri.  In addition to spending time as a pre-hospital care instructor at the Defence Medical Services Training Centre he has undertaking many medical roles.  He has also spent time employed on the Deployable Aeromedical Response Teams (DARTS) based at Headquarters Tactical Medical Wing.  He has completed 8 operational deployments including deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Falkland Islands and Africa.  He has operated on various helicopter platforms including as a member of the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) in Afghanistan and part of the Immediate Response Team (IRT) in Iraq.


He has also deployed in a Combat Medical Support Role and worked on aeromedical evacuation around the world.  Andy’s current post involves him conducting various aspects of pre-hospital care research as well as supporting audit and governance involving military pre-hospital care.  His main research focus is identifying ideal clinical skill mix for future deployed operations on helicopter evacuation teams.  Outside of his military academic and clinical work he works for North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) as an honorary Paramedic and is studying towards his masters degree.


He is a BASICS instructor and more recently has accepted a position as a council member for Trauma Care UK. In addition he has joined the training and standards board for the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care and is an honorary lecturer at Teesside university.

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