UKSPC 2015 Workshops

Chest Injury Workshop

This incredible workshop, delivered by one of our fantastic speakers, Andy Thomas, will allow you to get hands on with sheep cadavers. This is a unique opportunity to practice some of the lesser used skills, such as needle chest decompression, in a way that is as close to life as is possible to replicate. Andy will also be using the cadavers to teach you new skills such as thoracostamies, an opportunity not to be missed! Places will be limited and assigned on the day on a first come, first served basis.

This workshop is delivered in conjunction with Medtree.

Quality Chest Compressions

How good are your chest compressions? We know quality chest compressions save lives, so come and sample cutting edge technology from Physio Control, which provides you with live feedback on your compressions. Whoever manages the best most consistent attempt throughout the day will win a Littmann Stethoscope! 

This workshop is delivered in conjunction with Physio Control

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